Trollbark Forest


aAncient shaman, he is rare-load, aggressive to good races, a mid-level shaman and a quest mob. Shaman loads with a handful of strange herbs in a large tattered herb pouch.
b1-b6Exit down leading to burrow, connects with rooms e1-e6.
cCleona, quest mob. Start of zone.
da-dlExit down leading to level one, connects with rooms ua-ul.
e1-e6Exit up leading out of the burrows, connects with rooms b1-b6.
fGoing south from this room leads to room j.
gGrisly battle field. Sansar, a quest mob, wanders here. The northwest room contains the upper half of a broken enameled chest plate.
hThis room has north and east exits, the east exit leads to the room south.
iGoing east from this leads to room p1, going south from this room leads to room b6.
jGoing south from room f leads to this room.
kCabin containing a hidden container with a tightly rolled parchment, cabin key is rare load on the mutant sundew.
mThis is the start of an area containing wandering shambling mounds, the area stretches west to room s. The enormous mound loads with a cloak of rotting vegetation.
oObliviax, loads with a small mound of obliviax spores.
p1-p5Rare-load pop rooms.
rRrarrga, troll chieftain and five bodyguards. Troll chieftain is aggressive to good races, a quest mob, tracks, and is a shaman. Rraarga loads with an iron studded bone scepter, and sometimes with the lower half of a broken enameled chest plate or a scratched hilt with the stump of a broken blade. Drow diplomat sometimes loads here, aggressive to good races, mage/warrior, tracking and is a quest mob. Drow loads with a blood splattered scroll, a golden amulet inset with a human eye, a finely crafted matte black chainmail tunic, a glossy black velvet cloak trimmed with runes, and a pitch black engraved blade.
sRuned obelisk and hidden skeletal corpse, corpse contains a charred travelers journal.
tThis is the start of an area containing wandering tendrils, the area stretches encompasses the nine rooms west of this room. A mutant sundew wanders this area which loads with an acid coated dagger and sometimes the key to room k or a piece of rich silk soaked in digestive juices. The sundew is aggressive classless and about level fifty-five.
ua-ulExit up leading to level two, connects with rooms da-dl.
←,→,↑You can leave these rooms in the direction of the arrow but not return.