Tiamat's Lair


A.Ancient black, blue, green, red, and white dragons.
b.Five baby blue dragons, two elder blue dragons wander near by.
B.A blue dragon consort and two ancient blue dragons. When consort dies anyone in the room gets stunned and a demon gets summoned.
c.Captain, two amnizu, and more.
C.Commander, two Amnizu, and more. Magic seal in the room causes anyone fleeing south to trigger a mass knockdown and stunning of players.
d.Dagos, two amnizu, and more. When Dagos hits pretty hurt a group of barbazu loads in the rooms on either side.
D.Down exit to level below.
g.Five baby green dragons, two elder green dragons wander near by.
G.A green dragon consort and two ancient green dragons. When the consort is about to die he disappears, tracking back to group about thirty minutes later.
l.Five baby black dragons, two elder black dragons wander near by.
L.A black dragon consort and two ancient black dragons. Knights riding black dragons periodically get summoned on the demon grid, and track to group when fighting here.
N.A group of mounted Narzugon.
P.Pillar of Skulls, first room in the zone. The grid is patrolled by three groups of demons and has wandering black dragons.
r.Five baby red dragons, two elder red dragons wander near by.
R.A red dragon consort and two ancient red dragons. When consort hit pretty hurt ten tracking baby red dragons get summoned.
T.Tiamat, three incarnations, twice when you kill her she comes back to life stronger than before. She shouts and calls any dragon in the zone to her. Each incarnation summons two random named dragons during the fight.
U.Up exit to level above.
V.Vault, contains Tiamat's treasure.
w.Five baby white dragons, two elder white dragons wander near by.
W.A white dragon consort and two ancient white dragons. The consort has a major paralysis proc, it can sometimes cause death when the victim unfreezes.