The Tarsellian Forest


  1. Entry/exit portal
  2. Ice troll(warrior), water room
  3. 3 Undead snow elves(warriors)
  4. Ghost of a snow elf druid, undead elite snow elf warrior, 2 undead snow elves(all warriors)
  5. 2 Tomb guardians(fire elemental warriors)
  6. 3 tomb guardians, ghost of grey elf warrior
  7. Undead snow elf warrior, undead elite snow elf warrior, 2 tomb guardians(all warriors)
  8. Ghost of a snow elf druid, 2 undead snow elf warriors(all warriors)
  9. 3 Earth weirds
  10. Bored jabberwock(mage all-breath dragon tracker, can't cross water), 2 snow elf warriors, 2 snow elf druids(druid/warrior, bashable)
  11. Xar(bashable mage); 4 ravenous gorillas and 3 silver back gorillas wandering island(warriors, come to combat)
  12. Braxat cave, 9 wandering braxats(warriors, come to combat)
  13. Render, high-shrug tracking warrior has a proc that kills tank eats corpse and fully heals render
  14. Storm giant warrior, storm giant cleric, storm giant sorcerer, griffin, winged elf knight, royal winged elf guard, winged elf lord(mage). all non-tracking

Level 1 Grid Mobs: (All come to combat)

Level 2+ Grid Mobs: