Southern Forest


1-6. Indicates an exit leading to that level number.

  1. Start, nature room.
  2. Zelem 55 warrior, two lieutenants agro 50 warrior, two sergeants 45 warrrior. Zelem has black velvet boots.
  3. Sergeant, level 45 warrior agro-good. Eleven guards(mid-level warriors) and Twenty-two cyric fanatics(mid-level warriors) wander this room and the 2 east of here, they are agro good and track to combat.
  4. Sergeant, level 45 warrior agro-good.
  5. Granak(56 agro no-track cleric/warrior), Kazarr(agro 55 tracking cleric/mage) , lieutenant(agro 50 no-track warrior), two high priests(agro no-track high level clerics), two low ranking priests(agro no-track mid-level clerics). Granak has slab stone slab(key to room g) and a deep blue eyepatch encrusted with sapphires. Kazarr has a skullshaped earring enshrouded in black flames.
  6. Last wellable room, red stone slab off Granak unlocks south.
  7. Ten skeleton guards, mid-level no track agro warriors.
  8. Five skeleton guards, mid-level no track agro warriors. A few banedead wander this area, mid-level agro no-track warriors.
  9. Four stone guardians, 55 level agro no-track no-bash warriors.
  10. Forty-eight banedead wander this room and the two rooms south, they are mid-level agro no-track warriors.
  11. Six wraiths, mid-level agro tracking mage/clerics.
  12. Secret down, two high priest wraiths(high level agro no-track cleric/mages), four guardians(agro no-track 55 level warriors). Wraiths have a small black key, a large silver key, and a small blue key which unlock exits up, north, and west in room n.
  13. Down to level 2, upto level 4, locked door s, five skeleton guards(mid-level agro no-track warriors).
  14. Down to level 3, upto level 5, locked doors up/e/s/w/n, five skeleton guards(mid-level agro no-track warriors).
  15. Room contains a clear potion, a very large sapphire hidden.
  16. Room contains a staff of fiery destruction, a very large opal hidden.
  17. Room contains a potion of restoration, a very large ruby hidden.
  18. Room a staff of speed, a very large emerald hidden.
  19. Down to level 5, Two high priest wraiths(high level clerics), six wraiths(mid-level clerics), four guardians(55 warriors), Mogdath(56+ mage), Thak Neleth(56+ priest). Everything in this room is agro and nothing tracks. Thak has an adamantium crown and an adamantium neckguard. Mogdath has a breastplate of studded black dragonhide, a pair of studded black dragonhide leggings, a glimmering bastardsword, claw of rughnark, a golden headpiece(hidden), and a small gold key(to room t). The high priest wraiths have small green and small red keys, which are to the east and south doors in room n.
  20. Room contains a yellowing scroll hidden.
  21. Upto level 6, downto level 4.