Seelie Faerie Court


  1. Start of zone, Five faerie guardsman. Beyond the gates upto room d there are seven wandering leather clad faerie.
  2. Upto six patrols move between room b and s, all lead by patrolling faerie scouts. Three patrols have 3 well armed faeries, two have 1 young faerie acolyte and 1 well armed faerie, one patrol has 2 young faerie mages. Patrol members often become detached from patrols and can be found anywhere along the patrol route.
  3. Water rooms.
  4. Eight elite faerie guards.
  5. Courtyard, this area contains seven patrolling faerie guard, two faerie palace caretaker, and a young faerie mage; along with other faeries seperated from their patrols.
  6. A faerie minstrel, quest mob for song of recovery.
  7. Six elite faerie guards, two well armed faeries and one young faerie acolyte wander this three room area.
  8. The faerie king's emissary, has the key(an illuminating globe) to room i.
  9. Door north locked, key on king's emissary in room h. A young faerie mage and an elderly faerie mage wander between this room and the one above it.
  10. An elderly faerie mage, three young faerie acolyte, and one young faerie mage. Elderly faerie mage has a set of faerie goggles, the three acolytes follow elderly mage, the young mage does not. The acolytes wander but follow the elderly mage. The elderly mage will come to combat.
  11. Two elderly faerie mages and three elite faerie guards. The elderly faerie mages wander but follow elite faerie guards. Two well armed faeries wander this room and room l.
  12. An elderly faerie mages and four elite faerie guards. The elderly faerie mage wanders but follows elite faerie guards. Two well armed faeries wander this room and room k.
  13. This area has two patrols consisting of 1 agitated faerie guard and 2 elite faerie guards, the patrols do not go west of m, eastern extent unknown. A faerie courtesan, a well armed faerie, an agitated faerie guard, three sleepy palace guards wanders this area; along with other faeries seperated from their patrols. Usually a patrol consisting of a patrolling faerie scout, a young faerie acolyte, and a well armed faerie is found wandering in this area.
  14. Six attentive faerie sentry, one of the has the key to room o.
  15. The faerie Princess Sysoria, a young faerie acolyte, a young faerie mage, and an attentive faerie sentry. Princess Sysoria wields a silver glaive. A rare load elven ranger is sometimes here and wears a belt of twisted roots.
  16. Throne room entrance, a sleepy palace guard and an agitated faerie guard wanders this room and rooms q, r, and s; sometimes other faeries seperated from their patrols can be found wandering here.
  17. Seelie court steward, four elite faerie guard, a young faerie acolyte and either the human dignitary Tiosi or an elven druid. The young faerie acolyte wanders but follows the seelie court steward. Tiosi where a thin band of silver. The elven druid wears a thin band of woven leaves.
  18. Mab the faerie Queen, Mab has either a staff of divinity or a gnarled and ancient walking stick.
  19. Tiaronn King of the faeries, the faerie King's Emissary, two elite faerie guard, four attentive faerie sentries, and two decrepit old faerie mages. The decrepit mages wander but follow the king. Tiaronn wears either a glimmering cloak of the Ancients or a glimmering cloak of the faerie king.


agitated faerie guardtracking warrior
attentive faerie sentrysentinal warrior, does not proc or track
decrepit old faerie magemage, does not come to combat
elderly faerie mageinvoker/warrior, 10% tracker, does not come to combat
elite faerie guardsentinal warrior, does not proc or track
elven druiddruid, does not proc or track
elven rangerunknown class, does not proc
faerie courtesantracking fireshielded warrior/cleric
faerie guardsmanlevel 52 sentinal warrior, does not proc or track
faerie King's Emissarysentinal elementalist, does not track
faerie palace caretakertracking warrior, does not proc
faerie Princess, Sysoriaunknown class
human dignitary, Tiosisentinal mage/cleric/warrior, does not proc or track
leather clad faeriewarrior, 10% trackers
Mab the faerie Queensentinal, unknown non-mage class
patrolling faerie guardtracking warrior
patrolling faerie scoutrogue/warrior, 10% tracker. Each scout wields a crescent dagger and has an ancient stone key. The key unlocks the doors in rooms d,k, l, and n.
seelie court stewardsentinal illusionist, does not track
sleepy palace guardwarrior, does not track
Tiaronn, King of the faeriessentinal warrior/cleric, does not track
well armed faerietracking warrior, does not proc
young faerie acolytefireshielded shaman/warrior, 10% tracker
young faerie magefireshielded illusionist/warrior, 10% tracker