The Oak Tree Cottage - Roots


  1. mysterious orb, touch mysterious or orb to leave zone.
  2. exit down to room c on level 1.
  3. exit up leading to room b on level 0. Anna's word of recall site, Anna (56 mage/cleric) wanders level 0 and 1 and has a key made of white metal.
  4. leads down to room e on level 2.
  5. two tiny roots.
  6. one tiny root and a chest, the room and chest are unlocked using Anna's key. The chest contains a crinkled scroll (levitate/dispel invisible), and a yellowed scroll (remove curse/create food).
  7. exits south and up, up leads to room e on level 2. The trapdoor to this room is unlocked with Anna's key. All room from here to room q are no magic and single file (if they have 2 exits); with the exception of rooms m and p.
  8. exits west and south, going south leads to room i.
  9. exits east and west, going south from room h leads here.
  10. this room has an exit down leading to level 3, room k. You need levitate for this room and the one below it or you will fall to room l on level 5.
  11. exits west, up, and down. Down leads to room l on level 5, up leads to room j on level 3. Levitate is needed to move up, fly is needed to move west.
  12. exits east and up, up leads to room k on level 4 and requires levitate.
  13. this room allows magic to be cast, it is no teleport/gate/well but allows summon.
  14. exits north and down, down leads to room o on level 6.
  15. exits west, east, and up. Up leads to room n on level 5.
  16. this room allows magic but has no exits, the only way out is summon.
  17. this room is not single file and allows magic, it is no teleport/gate/well but allows summon.
  18. this room has only one exit down, leading to room s on level 7. This room contains the spirit of the cottage, a 56+ wraithform cleric/mage. The spirit has a proc that summons thick and collosal roots, upto 30 in all. The exit down is locked, unlocked with the tree amulet worn by the spirit, this amulet is rentable. The spirit also loads with a belt encrusted with black sapphires (invisible).
  19. this room has no exits, and is reached by going down from room r on level 6. This room contains a collosal root and a mysterious orb. You can exit this room (even in combat) by touching orb or mysterious. This room loads with a cuendillar, heartstone of magic (on the ground).

Note: The zone has a twenty-four minute pop time and pops whether occupied or not.

Mobs between Rooms g and q:

Note: All are warrior classed and come to combat, none track.