Muspelheim Grid


AFirbolg apothacy, quest mob.
BFirbolg bastion.
CFire giant castle.
DDown exit.
EEntry room to Muspelheim, this room is two up two west from Yggdrasil, the World Ash on astral. Contains a branch which repops.
JJotunheim, at the top of the volcano. Two fire giant warriors.
LLava bridge, casting an area ice spell in adjacent rooms causes the lava bridge to appear. Bridge is temporary and dumps occupants into lava when it runs out. Use fly or a boat to cross the bridge as well as permanent protection from fire.
MMaster firbolg smith, quest mob.
SFirbolg sage, quest mob.
TFirbolg Tanner, quest mob.
UUp exit.
WWater room.
bFirbolg chieftain, four lieutenants, and sometimes a druid or shaman. Chieftain usually loads with a platinum bevor.
cFire giant Citadel.
dFirbolg chieftain, four lieutenants, and sometimes a druid or shaman. Chieftain usually loads with a heavy cloak of dragonskin.
eEmpty chests.
fForge leading into the fire giant castle, use jug (off human that wanders grid one) to gain access to the forge.
gGrehjan and two fire giant elites, Grehjan usually loads with glyphs of power tattooed around one eye. Pull lever to gain entry to the fire giant citadel, this causes Grehjan to move to his room in the citadel.
hHidden lever, pull lever to gain entry to the fire giant citadel. To enter the citadel from this side requires a lockpicker.
iIronwood branch, a quest item, is hidden here.
lLava bridge, fly is required to cross the bridge and permanent protection from fire to avoid taking damage.
mCildabrin magi, low fifties aggressive non-tracking spider mage. A crystal, a quest item, loads hidden in this room. The magi loads with a gory poison gland.
nGrand firbolg chieftain, three to five chieftains, five to eight sentinals. Grand chieftain loads with a burnished iron necklace covered in runes. This secret area is only accessible during the ninth month of the mud year.
oOre is hidden here, quest item.
pPeace room accessible from room t, contains an exit down but no way back.
rRoc nest, contains three baby rocs and two hidden eggs.
sCildabrin, level fifty aggressive tracking warrior spiders. Each cildabrin loads with a gory poison gland. There is a hidden crystal between the two cildabrin as well as one hidden south of the western most cildabrin.
tEnormous ironwood tree, enter tree leads to room p.
uSecret exit leading up.
wWall, non-aggressive level fifty mount. Start of cildabrin cave, all single file rooms.