Hive of the Manscorpions


1-8. Indicates an exit leading to that level number.

  1. Hidden entrance to level 2. A swarm, a squad, and 6 warriors occupy this room.
  2. Wild elf, has hidden tattoo for serpent armbands quest. Has an exit leading up into a tree with 3 sloths(one of the sloths has hidden fur for armbands quest) and rare load dung.
  3. Hidden entrance to strubs, leading down. This system of tunnels is linear(mostly single-file) and leads to the strubs queen behind which is an egg used in the serpent armbands quest.
  4. Hidden Entrance to Lost Library of the Seer Kings, 2 full squads all following 2.squad.
  5. Exit leading upto level 5, and an exit leading down to well fiend(needs waterbreathing), fiend has tentacle for serpent armbands quest.
  6. Two squad leaders and 6 warriors occupy this room.
  7. A squad leaders and 6 warriors occupy this room.
  8. Two swarm leaders, neither follows the other, one has a key to the door leading south.
  9. Two hive protectors. One protector has a key to queens room.
  10. Queen, has spellbook wanted by prisoner in room m.
  11. Kings room, 4 archers, 12 warriors, 1 squad leader, 1 noble, 1 swarm leader, 1 hive protector and king. An obsidian shard is hidden on the noble, manscorpion mask and hive medallion are on the king.
  12. Manscorpion cleric and 4 statues. Give 5 obsidian shards to cleric for the key (seal) to unlock the entrance to seers. Each statue leads to a drake, embrace statue to enter, worship idol to exit. Each drake has a hidden obsidian shard and a hidden scale, the scales are for the armbands quest.
  13. Human prisoner, wants spellbook off queen in exchange for key to room n.
  14. Rampager, locked, quest key from prisoner in room m, go invis, spell up rampager, poke rampager, rampager runs and attacks king.