Izan's Floating Fortress


1-Has a down exit to level 1.
2-Has an up exit to level 2.
a1Aruc Leresotevilwarriorlow-
1busy clericneutralclericlow-
6elite fortress guardevilwarriorlow-
b1Borris Corfnamneutralclericnonea yellow metallic key
6angry cooksneutralwarriornone-
d1Daxim RenoranevilclericlowHas rare load power assisted combat boots.
8praying clericsevilclericlow-
e1General Edmund BlitzneutralwarriornoneHas a pair of silver plated gauntlets with gold trim and rare load a silver plated longsword with gold filled etchings.
General has unholy aura.
9military advisorsneutralwarriornone
f1elite fortress guard leaderevilwarriorlowEntry room to level 1, from Pelur: unnwwswnwn usseennee sswsswww (green guardian dragon, evil cleric, has an etched iron key), en portal, unlock door, w, en portal.
4elite fortress guardevilwarriorlow
g4elite fortress guardevilwarriorlowThe rooms on level 1 have hidden portals to Pelur, 1 charge each.
h-Contains a hidden portal to Ethereal plane.
i1Izan Frosteyesevilwarriornonea small silver key with a crystal handle
1Rumos Merrelneutralclericmid-
4human bodyguardsevilwarriorlow-
2stone gargoylesneutralwarriornoneThese are golem raced, not bashable.
1Arielil Burningtreeevilenchanterlowa wizard hat, a robe, a blue velvet pouch with red trim
2huge air elementalsneutralwarriorlowThese are air elemental raced, not bashable.
1Yamel Rerraserevilillusionistlow-
1cleric library assistantneutralclericlow-
l1Lesolus Blackheartevilclericlow-
4praying clericsevilclericlow-
n1Neglosevilinvokermida silver tiara adorned with a ruby spider or
a pair of charred gauntlets or
a thin pair of glasses with a silver frame or
a staff of solid ice
4nervous invokersneutralinvokernone
1cleric servantneutralclericnone
r1Rolmon Tatelevilroguenonea serrated assassination knife
s12low ranking soldiersneutralwarriornoneOne has a blue metallic key.
t8low ranking soldiersneutralwarriornone-

Wandering mobs:

7elite fortress guard leaderevilwarriornolowTwo have notes.
One has a rare load, broken claws.
One has a rare load, a cute little tail ring.
One has a rare load, a metallic cyan key.
combat clericneutralclericlow
4 elite fortress guardsevilwarriorlow
2invoker assistantneutralinvokernolowa note
1battle bardneutralrogueyeslowa silver instrument box adorned with rubies
1Dabran Jaxevilwarrioryeslowa silver shield etched with elvish runes
a blessed scimitar etched with elvish runes
combat clericneutralclericlow
10 human raidersevilwarriorlow
1Rosher Faleyevilwarrioryeslowa metallic red key
8 novice clericsneutralclericnone