Ice Crag Castle


1-2. Indicates an exit leading to that level number.

  1. Castle entrance, "say auril" unlocks the double doors.
  2. Onyx pedestal, "rub onyx" takes you to room a.
  3. Upper echelon Captain(56ish level warrior) and 4 guards(40ish level), Captain 10% tracks, guards follow. Search room for an ampoule(level 50 haste/stone/globe potion).
  4. Malice, level 56+ agro tracking cleric/mage/warrior. Pops sleeping, has some magic resist, is too large to bash, and upon death turns into a vapor, 56+ agro tracking ghost raced mage/cleric that has cold breath(prot cold a must). Vapor has belt of iron bands, amulet of discord, and a gold key needed to do vault.
  5. Mahdrel(56+ agro tracking warrior) and 2 sentinals(56 bashable agro mages, that follow mahdrel). Mahdrel loads with cloak of rhemoraz scales and a key needed to do vault.
  6. Two rhemorazs, 56+ agro size huge no track warrior. Two sentinels, medium no track, one is cleric, one is enchanter.
  7. Three rhemorazs, 56+ agro size huge no track warrior. Two sentinels, medium no track, one is cleric, one is enchanter.
  8. Silent room, with level 50 agro warrior no track. No unlocked exits, search and touch throbbing to exit. Rooms contains hidden, silvery sack with blue steel vambraces/greaves, shroud, and 2 ampoules.
  9. Commander, level 56 non-agro tracking warrior. Has (hidden) purple earthstone
  10. ring, and key to room j.
  11. Key sheath pops here, locked, contains a key needed for vault.
  12. Leads down to level 1, two level 30ish sentinals (warriors).
  13. Cision, agro tracking level 59 rogue with backstabber, bashable.
  14. Viscount(45 level no track mage) and assistant(45 level no track warrior), Viscount has key to the door east(pickable) and has illithid hide shield after he has repopped.
  15. 4 Treasury guards, roughly level 40, no track warriors. 2.guard has treasury key, needed for vault.
  16. Archivist, wanders the library. 55ish mage, when attacked transforms into a near 60 level werewolf(warrior/mage, size medium 10% tracker) with six level 51 werewolf followers(all warriors, all agro). Has a red key, for room e.

Note: This is a summary of what is needed to lead the area of the castle knows as the vault, there is much more to the castle than this high level area and it should be explored personally.